Behind The Ear

  • A bit larger than in-the-ear styles but some are extremely small and the thin tube is almost invisible.
  • Can fit a larger battery for longer life, and larger amplifiers for more severe hearing losses.
  • Can often be fitted the same day as your hearing assessment.
  • Some do not occlude (or fill up) the ear canal so sounds are more natural, particularly your own voice.
  • Can be a good choice if you have dexterity concerns.

In The Ear

  • Visible in the ear.
  • Small sizes can make these a fairly discreet choice.
  • Customized to fit inside your ear canal requires a return visit.
  • Small size could be an issue if you have dexterity challenges.
  • The further into the canal these are fitted the more occlusion (blocked ear feeling) you may experience.
  • Need to be cleaned of wax regularly.

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